Hourglass Workout Waist Trainer

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Why you'll love our Waist Trainer:

Work up a sweat and maximize your workouts with our Waist Trainer. It stimulates thermal activity in your core that provides you with increasing the sweat in the abdominal area which results in fat loss and back support and improved posture to ensure exercises are performed in good form. The Waist Trainer has a wide strap allowing you to comfortably adjust your level of control as you lose weight, it also has a soft cotton lining to allow for comfortable, natural movement duriang your workouts.



How to use the Trainer:

Simply put the belt over or below your gym clothes, and workout! You’ll instantly enjoy the difference in appearance as the trainer pulls your waist giving you an hourglass figure. Your posture is improved, and your back is supported to keep your form on point and maximize results from lifting weights. This will sure become your new workout must-have!



The Benefits of our Waist Trainer are endless.

Our experts at Power Gym Store designed the Waist Trainer in a way that you'll get the best results and benefits in the shortest period of time. Some of the benefits are:

  • Instantly shapes your body into a hourglass figure
  • Sculpts 1-3 inches from your waistline
  • Promotes an additional increase in sweating when used during workout
  • Flattens belly and bulges
  • Assist in the reduction of back pain
  • It supports your back and improves posture


  • Quick-strap Non-Slip design is perfect for working out
  • Double-Velcro for a secure and firm fit for high intensity workouts
  • Fully Adjustable Wight
  • Flexible thin steel boning (4) for powerful shaping
  • Cotton-spandex lining absorbs moisture and feels soft against your skin

Materials: 80% Neoprene / 20% Polyester





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