Adjustable Wellness Posture Corrector


Poor posture is the #1 cause of spine deformities which leads to pain in the neck, upper and lower back.

If you use your computer and phone more than 3 hours a day, work in the office or play video games, you are probably suffering from poor posture and slouching.

Our modern sedentary life style has lead to a poor posture health that causes our spine to round and our neck to lean forward, causing circulatory problems and nerve damage that gets worse as we age.

The Adjustable Wellness Posture Corrector is here to save your spine health and improve your posture permanently, making your daily functioning easier and eliminating all the neck and back pain. Whether you are at home, sitting on your desk, running or cleaning, this posture corrector will always have your back. Literally. 

It is ideal for working out at the gym or playing any kind of sport because it works your muscles and bones into a natural and healthy form.

It includes a cushion pad that goes along your spine and pushes it into its normal form, and two padded adjustable straps that pull your shoulders back. This phase automatically sends your neck back and corrects the forward head posture, giving your body its natural form.

This product is extremely lightweight and easy to wear. It can be worn under any clothing without being noticeable and during any indoors or outdoors activity.

-  Improve your appearance and overall health

- Get rid of back and neck pain

- Boost circulatory system

- Avoid spine and neck deformities



   S 46-66
   M 67-91
   L 92-114
   XL 115-150



   S 18-26
   M 27-36
   L 37-45
   XL 46-59
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